Summer 2022 Conference

The Thirty-Ninth Midwest Undergraduate Computational Chemistry Consortium (MU3C) Conference

1 – 2 August 2022.   The University of Wisconsin–Madison.

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Monday 1 August 2022

9:00 am Christopher Lawrence, Grand Valley State University

Welcome to the Thirty-Ninth MU3C Conference

9:05 am Sean Boyce and Katherine Geist, Carleton College

Cation motion within Zeolites

9:45 am Xuhui Huang, University of Wisconsin Madison

10:25 am Break

10:40 am Ned Sibert, University of Wisconsin Madison

11:20 am Trinity Olguin, University of Wisconsin River Falls

Ozonolysis of α-pinene

11:45 am Lunch

1:45 pm Makayla Mobeck and Lilianna Rolands, University of Wisconsin River Falls

Atmospheric Ozonolysis of β-Pinene

2:25 pm Arian Ghafoori and Clarence Pan, Macalester College

Computational Studies: Isomerizations and Conformations in Alpha-Pinene Ozonolysis

3:05 pm Break

3:20 pm Lindsey Gould and Jeff Wang, Macalester College

Key Products of Beta-Pinene Ozonolysis

4:00 Department Tour/MU3C Faculty Meeting

Tuesday 13 July 2021

9:00 am Mia Lindsay and Emma Morrow, University of Portland

Advancing Ethenolysis using Ruthenium Catalysts

9:40 Ellie Vandel and Emma Watson, Carleton College

Investigation of Chemical Reactions at Cobalt/Silicon Bonds using G16/DFT & CREST

10:20 am Break

10:35 am Yang Yang, University of Wisconsin Madison

11:15 am Edison Browne and Gabriel Spalink, Grand Valley State University

Computational Insight into Cyclopropanation Catalyzed by Bis-Alkoxide Fe Carbene Complexes: Novel Carbene Coordination with Methyl Ester Substituents

Summer 2022 Conference Participating MU3C Groups

Daniela Kohen, Carleton College

Brent Krueger, Hope College

Keith Kuwata, Macalester College

Christopher Lawrence, Grand Valley State University

Richard Lord, Grand Valley State University

Erin Speetzen, University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point

Stacey Stoffregen, University of Wisconsin-River Falls

Buck Taylor, University of Portland

Stuart Winikoff, Truman State University