Expectations for membership in the MU3C consortium.

  • Faculty members should participate in every meeting (though we acknowledge that faculty will need to miss a meeting from time to time).
  • Each group should send students to every meeting.
  • Access to the cluster will be restricted to those groups who have both:
    • at least one student per year present at either the online or in-person meeting.
    • their faculty member attends at least one in-person meeting every three years.

New faculty will be encouraged to utilize the cluster immediately (but they are expected to participate in future online and in-person conferences).


MU3C is open to faculty engaged in computational chemistry research at Midwestern Primarily Undergraduate Institutions (PUI).

List of Members

Jason D’Acchioli – University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point
Samuel Alvarado – University of Wisconsin-River Falls
Chrystal Bruce – John Carroll University
Scott Feller – Wabash College
Jason Gillmore – Hope College
Heriberto Hernández-Soto – Grinnell College
Amanda Jonnson – University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point
Samuel Keasler – Valley City State University
Daniela Kohen – Carleton College
Brent Krueger – Hope College
Keith Kuwata – Macalester College
Ahmed Lakhani – Calumet College of St. Joseph
Christopher Lawrence – Grand Valley State University
Joshua Layfield – University of St. Thomas
Richard Lord – Grand Valley State University
Christine Morales – Emporia State University
Kevin Murphy – Valley City State University
Luiz Oliveira – Mount Vernon Nazarene University
Will Polik – Hope College
Daniel Sadowsky – University of Pittsburgh
Joe Scanlon – Wabash College
Justin Shorb – Hope College
Jonathan Smith – Temple University
Erin Speetzen – University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point
Stacey Stoffregen – Bethel University
David Szpunar – Roosevelt University
Buck Taylor – University of Portland
Craig Teague – Cornell College
Matthew Zwier – Drake University

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